Scott Wallis

Writer, Public Speaker, and Life Coach in Crystal River, FL

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Scott Wallis, a modern day prophet, writes and speaks with amazing clarity the voice of God. His first book "Decade of Destiny" accurately predicted the coming revival in the 1990's and the war in the 2000's. His book "The Third Reformation is Coming" is a prophetic call to believers everywhere to enter into the current reformational movement of God.

In The Gospel is Enough, he writes a seminal work to aid believers in their understanding of the gospel. What is the gospel? When did the gospel begin? Is there more than one gospel? Is there a false gospel? What signs are associated with the preaching of the gospel? Do signs and wonders follow the preaching of the gospel?

He also teaches prophets, leaders, and believers how to function in both the practical and mystical realms of prophecy in his teaching series on prophecy, which include, "How to Know if Your Prophecy is Really from God," "Plugging into the Spirit of Prophecy," and "Entering the School of the Prophets." You can learn more about prophets and prophetic ministry blog site at

In 2011, Scott Wallis began exposing the massive corruption in America's legal system. In Secret Corruption, he describes an America that is on "a well-trod path; it is the path of tyrants, despots, deceivers, and dictators". In the November 2020 election, media moguls, social network alliances, and nanny-state actors overrode the will of the American people. In his new, yet to be released book, How to Stop Satan's Plan to Destroy America, he and his wife, Cecile Wallis, pull the curtains back on the spiritual realm to expose and confront the root causes of America's spiritual, economic, and political decline. You can discover more at

He is also the founding apostolic leader of 2 churches, The Miracle Centre and All Nations Worship Center. Currently, he is working to found an apostolic ministry, Vanguard Ministries International, that will train those called into the prophetic office through his school of prophets, Vanguard School of Prophets, and arbiters who can resolve disputes through Biblical Arbitration.

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    • Pastor, The Miracle Centre
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    • University of Iowa
    • International Miracle Institute
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